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800PROPERTY was founded in 2006 by real estate experts, with over 32 years of international experience in property management, operations, financial consultancy and valuations. With benchmarks set to exceed world standards in customer service and real estate investment plans, we endeavor to seek unique ways to serve our clients.

We are your property professionals, assisting in all matters related to the buying, selling and leasing of residential, commercial, plots and retail properties.

800PROPERTY has maintained its success throughout several obstacles throughout the years. During the GFC, we re-strategized our approach to the market and continued to see sales and profits, whilst several other real estate agencies went out of business. Our dedicated to our customers, and their trust in us, has had an invaluable impact on our sustained growth and success.

800PROPERTY is a company you can trust to help you make the right decision, whether buying, selling or renting a property.

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  • Land
  • Retail

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Property management

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Our Marketing Strategy

Marketing is a crucial step in ensuring your property stands out amongst the several similar available properties. Dubai’s highly active property market means, without a well-strategized marketing message, your property will get lost in the noise. Although exclusivity is not required Landlords who choose to sign exclusivity with 800PROPERTY get the best chance to lease or sell their property, quickly and the price they desire.

800PROPERTY has been in the Dubai Real Estate market for over 9 years. Because of our long history in the region, we are able to provide accurate market advise and knowledge to our clients, giving them a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Our dedicated Marketing Team takes advantage of this knowledge to develop a customized strategy, based around your unique property to achieve your desired goals.



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