Frequenly Asked Questions

  • Where can one get title deed from in Dubai?

    The title deeds are issued by the Land Department for properties owned in Dubai.

  • Do I need to register property transaction in the Land Department?

    The property laws in the Emirate of Dubai emphasizes on the need to register all transactions including transfer or modification of title deed to safeguard to rights of landlords, and any actions on the real estate that are not documented and approved by the Land Department are considered invalid.

  • What maps are approved by the Land Department?

    The registration of the size of plots and units in Dubai is based on 3 main categories of maps as follows: Official Topographic Map Plot Map Plot Area Map

  • Can a land or property be registered in the name of a foreign company?

    Properties in the name of foreign company can be registered within the specified areas for foreign ownership as indicated in Law No (7) conditioned with obtaining License from Jafza.

  • Can I register any transaction on granted land?

    It is not possible to undertake any sale or purchase transaction on residential land unless permission is obtained from His Highness the Ruler of Dubai. However, the granted land can be mortgaged for construction purposes and map can be issued for this plot.

  • Could the power of attorney be used for selling and buying properties in Dubai?

    Yes, a power of attorney could be used to sell and buy properties according to the authorities and boundaries of the delegation awarded and defined in the power of attorney.

  • At what stage could a property owner submit a request to the Land Department to issue a title deed?

    Title deed for granted residential land is issued after being approved by the Ruler. For transactions on other properties, the title deed is issued immediately once all the documents required are submitted.

  • What is initial registration?

    Initial registration is registering an incomplete sale (i.e. when only part of the value of the property has been paid). The initial registration is designed for properties sold off-plan. Certificate is issued to indicate the sale process and the paid and pending amounts. The purpose of this type of registration is to safeguard the rights on owners and investors in case of re-sale.

  • If the power of attorney was issued from abroad what are the necessary procedures to legalize it in the UAE?

    The power of attorney must be verified and accredited by UAE embassy located in the country of origin of the power of attorney, and it must be approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE.

  • Who will inherit the properties owned by foreigners in case of death, and what documents are required to transfer ownership?

    Inheritance issues are decided by the deceased family members and their religion. Moreover, courts in Dubai will rule according to the inheritance procedures followed in the said person’s country of origin.

  • When will the completed properties be registered?

    Developer must register completed projects in LD as soon as they receive a certificate of completion from the competent authorities. The developer must transfer the registration from initial registration records to the Land Registry once the developer is fully paid.

  • How does the law deal with the problem of the emergence of an increase or decrease in the area of property?

    In the case of increase in the area of the property above the agreed area, the area considered correct. However, in case the area is less than what is agreed on with the developer, the developer then must compensate the owner for the difference, unless the difference is marginal.

  • Does the Land Department have a role in the inherited properties?

    The Land Department is an executive party, and it follows the instructions received from the court on the estate inventory and distribution. Once instructed by the legal authorities, the LD will issue title deeds of the inherited properties in the name of heirs.

  • How long does the property registration and receipt of title deed take?

    In the event that all required documents are submitted, the registration for sale transaction is carried out in 30 minutes.

  • What are the means of payment of the fees approved by the Land Department?

    Customers can pay the fees for transactions in the following ways: A bank cheque Credit Cards

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