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Choose a Property

Choosing a property is the most important part of the buying process. In the end, if the choice was not right in terms of Location, Type or Size, it can cause long-term disappointment to you and/or your family.


The following are the points to keep in mind while choosing a property:

  • Unit Size and Layout.
  • Unit Lease Amount fits your budget.
  • Location proximity to Malls & Community Centers.
  • Location proximity to Schools and Hospitals.
  • Location proximity to Work place.
  • Location with reputed developer and Maintenance Company.


Your Checklist

  • Choose the right agency
  • Take your time to view property
  • Always view the property during daytime.
  • Check for any issues in construction or white goods that come with the property (if any).
  • Ask for the Lease price and compare it with the Market Price
  • Check who the allocated Maintenance Company is.
  • Check if the Unit is located near any Utility Building, Airport, Busy Highway etc. as this can affect the quality of living.
  • Check if there is any Metro or Public transport near the Property for convenience


Your Budget

You must set a clear budget for yourself and find out at hand if there are any hidden costs associated with the property. You must check the following with your Agent:

  • Leasing Price
  • How many cheques is the payment acceptable
  • Security Deposit to Landlord
  • Agency Fee
  • Ejari Fee
  • Utility Deposits (DEWA/ Cooling District/ Telecommunication)
  • Housing Fee
  • Moving Expenses



Choose an Agent

Choose an Agent

Besides the obvious fact that your agent should be compatible and honest with you, there are certain prerequisites that you must consider before choosing one.

  • The Agency should be RERA Certified
  • The Agent should be RERA Certified and have a Broker Card with him/her all the time.
  • The Agent should follow the RERA Code of Ethics.
  • The Agent should be specialist in the area of your choice.


Documents Required


  • Valid Passport Copy
  • Valid Visa Copy
  • Emirates ID Copy
  • Trade License & Company Stamp in Case of Company
  • Deposit Fee
  • Agency Fee
  • Housing Fee
  • Ejari Fee
  • Signed Tenancy Contract
  • Retain Bills & Receipts for all Payment Transactions


  • Valid Passport Copy
  • Valid Visa Page (if Resident)
  • Emirates ID Copy (if Resident)
  • Trade License & Company Stamp in Case of Company
  • Title Deed Copy
  • Agency Fee
  • Signed Tenancy Contract
  • Retain Bills & Receipts for all Payment Transactions


Tenancy Process

Once you have chosen the property, you Agent will gather all documents from you and submit it to the Landlord along with the signed Tenancy Contract and Reservation Deposit (which will later be used as Deposit Fee).


Once the Landlord agrees and signs the Tenancy Contract, all the payment cheques are submitted to him. In return, your agent will collect the Premise Key and all Final Utility Bills.


Once you have the property handed to you, you will have to Register for Ejari and later for all Utilities and Telecommunication. It is advised that you have your main lock changed for security reasons and retain the old lock for when you move out.



Documents Retention

You must always secure the following documents and their copies for future use or reference:

  • Original signed Tenancy Contract
  • Original signed Addendums of Tenancy Contract
  • Receipt for all Leasing Payment Cheques
  • Copy of all Leasing Payment Cheques
  • Receipt for Security Deposit Cheque
  • Copy of Security Deposit Cheque
  • Receipt for Agency Fee
  • DEWA Deposit Receipt
  • District Cooling Deposit Receipt
  • Telecommunication Deposit Receipt
  • Copy of all communications and correspondence
  • Passport & Visa copies of Tenant & landlord
  • Trade License Copy in case of a Company
  • Title Deed copy of Property
  • Ejari Certificate
  • Ejari Payment Receipt
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